Would you like to become a better communicator? Take our Communicating with Impact course that covers the BEST method to success!

Technology is changing the way we communicate! In this highly interactive two-day workshop, learn the proven principles of a reliable communication process: BEST (Build Rapport, Exchange Info, Seek Agreement and Take Action). The BEST processes are the framework for communicating with impact!

Team exercises allow participants to practice delivering various types of communications based on relevant work-related scenarios. This course is designed to enable participants to:


  • Implement the BEST processes for impactful communication using work-related scenarios
  • Analyze behaviors that relate to the BEST process model
  • Explore listening skills through an interactive exercise
  • Practice a conversation using the BEST process model
  • Interpret communication style using the Communication Style Inventory

Participants completing this workshop will gain or enhance their skills in:

  • Developing and delivering a compelling message that moves people to take action
  • Providing better service resulting in increased revenues
  • Enhancing relationships that foster commitment

Added Bonus: Each participant will receive a complimentary copy of Communicating with Impact by Patrick Donadio (coming soon) and an opportunity to participate in a blended learning follow-up session.

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