2 day course

Course Description: 

Day-to-day decisions made by employees affect the success of organizations. Today’s challenging environmental demands more creativity in problem-solving. Organizations need to provide an environment that supports the free flow of ideas. Research has highlighted the positive relationship between creative problem-solving and successful organizations. This two-day course provides tools for both individual and group problem-solving.

Creativity and Problem-Solving examines the factors that inhibit creativity in solving problems. Learn about four creativity blockers. Practice exercises that help you identify your creativity blockers. Then, participate in team exercises that lessen or eliminate those blockers, enabling more creative problem solving.

MAJOR COURSE OBJECTIVES This course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Learn a problem-solving model and its constraints
  • Participate in exercises that reveal one’s conceptual blocks
  • Determine how to implement conceptual blockbusting
  • Discuss methods for improving problem definitions
  • Learn ways to generate more alternatives to solve a problem
  • Practice deferring judgment or finding only one correct answer
  • Analyze how to expand alternatives
  • Discuss how to create an open environment that fosters creative problem-solving

Participants completing this workshop will gain or enhance their skills in:

  • Developing an understanding of conceptual blocks and how to lessen their effects on creative thinking
  • Generating more than one alternative enabling better decision-making results
  • Creating an open environment to foster creative problem-solving
  • Improve problem-solving capabilities

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