2 day course

This course focuses on the skills needed to manage people through major change transitions. Effective leaders, as change agents, demonstrate how to help team members understand and manage change.
We will provide you with practical strategies and tools that can be immediately applied back on the job to help your team deal with change.

Day One

In order to help others with change, it is important to understand oneself. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a powerful tool that demonstrates through interactive activities why we and others act the way we do. This basic understanding helps increase our tolerance of others’ behaviors. Knowing ourselves and how we interact with other types empowers us to respond positively in any given situation as a team leader, team member or manager.

By completing an assessment and participating in individual and team exercises, participants will gain an understanding about themselves and others that will assist them in leading change.

MAJOR COURSE OBJECTIVES The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Discover one’s personality type (one of a possible 16 types)
  • Explore other’s perception of various personality types
  • Discover why some types have more difficulty in interacting with other types
  • Value the differences by learning the strengths of each type
  • Be more accepting of one’s own behavior
  • Communicate more effectively with each type
  • Recognize and respect the differences in others and how they relate to change

Day Two

This day focuses on change and how to use the tools presented to help oneself and others to navigate through change.

MAJOR COURSE OBJECTIVES The course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Describe the impact of change on you and your team
  • Assess the impact of change on you and your team
  • Analyze the Change Curve and learn how to successfully negotiate it
  • Apply the LEAD framework to help team members respond positively to change
  • Communicate change to ensure buy-in

Completion of this program results in the participants:

  • Inspiring, motivating and guiding others through change
  • Consistently developing and sustaining cooperative working relationships
  • Encouraging and facilitating cooperation within the organization and with customer groups
  • Fostering commitment for change
  • Contributing to a positive atmosphere for change

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