3 day course

This highly interactive, three day course is designed to introduce the processes and techniques of project management to better prepare you for working in a project environment. 

Practical Project Management takes the participants step-by-step through the vocabulary and best practices of Project Management.  Numerous exercises allow hands-on applications that transfer immediately into the workplace.   Electronic templates are provided that can be altered as needed by the participants.  What a bonus!


This course is designed to enable participants to:

  • Learn Project Management Institute (PMI), Project Management vocabulary
  • Given a class scenario, complete a project charter which includes
    • Goals and definition of the project
    • Identification and prioritization of the triple constraints
    • Assumptions and Out of Scope tasks
    • A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
    • Activities from work packages
    • Network diagram from activities to determine the Critical Path
  • Determine a budget for a given exercise, by creating a WBS and costs
  • Participate in Leadership assessment to determine situational leadership style, followed by a relevant team exercise
  • Analyze team interaction in class exercises to determine best leadership and communication style

Participants completing this workshop will result in:

  • Initiating and completing successful projects by saving time and money for their organization by using the templates and processes provided
  • Understanding the current vocabulary in the PM environment enabling better PM communication in the workplace